The land of lush green mangroves, meandering water courses, river and esturies tranquil surroundings is a Ramsar site by UNESCO and is a home to salt water crocodile, spotted Deer’s, migratory birds, turtles, wild pigs, Indian python, king cobra and many other flora and fauna. Due to the vast expanse of wildlife and biological diversity it offers, it is often called as the Mini Amazon of India. Bhitarkanika is a destination for eco- friendly and nature loving tourist where sightseeing of a variety of wildlife and colorful birds is conducted though boats. Khola and Gupti are the entry to the nature’s finest creation. After Sunderbans, Bhitarkanika offers the second largest mangrove ecosystem of the country. Large number of herons can be spotted between August to October. It is truly a paradise for Ornithophile as numerous migrant and resident birds; various species of Kingfisher are seen in large folks. A variety mangrove increases the beauty and charm of the area. Breathing roots known as pneumatophores is another tourist attraction. Famous beaches of Bhitarkanika include Habalikhati Beach, Pentha and Gahimantha Beach which are pristine and beautiful. This is a perfect place to chill out in the lapse of nature and to engage yourself in activities like boating, birding, trekking, walking etc. It is the only marine sanctuary in Odisha and one among the five in all over India.

‘Dangamal nature camp’ provides elegant rooms to make guest stay comfortable. The tourist can take boats from the entry points of Gupti or Khola to reach Dangamal. ‘Habalikhati Nature camp’ is a beach resort with 9 luxurious rooms with modern amenites. A boat ride of 2.30 hrs form Gupti will take you to the campsite. Besides Habalikhati beach offers a view of huge no. of Dolphins marching to the sea. Furthermore inside the forest of Bhitarkanika lies the ‘Gupti Natue camp’ which has 6 opulent rooms to make the night stay comfortable. All these campsites includes catering and food service in their packages.

Connectivity: Bhitarkanika national park is 160kms from Bhubaneswar airport. Nearest railhead is Bhadrak railway station, about 70Kms from the Bhitarkanika National Park. Frequent government and privately operated buses operates towards Bhitarkanika National Park.