Ansupa Lake 

It is amongst the largest and oldest fresh water wetland of Odisha in Athgarh forest division. A canal called Kabula Nala links the river Mahanadhi with the lake. The lake offers varied bio-diversity with aquatic flora and fauna. The tourists are also attracted by the large flock of local and migratory birds. Saranda fort known for its architecture is built by Keshari dynasty is located on Saranda hills which add elegance and enhances the beauty of the lake. Due to the natural beauty, tranquility the lake is among the site of eco tourism.

Bamboo cottages are built during 2012-13 to provide cozy and comfortable accommodation to the guest. The cottages offer facility of masonry beach for visitors to rest in the garden. The Ansupa Saranda Eco-tourism site is maintained and managed by the members of eco-tourism group of local VSS.

How to reach: The nearest airport to reach Ansupa lake is at Bhubaneswar 90 kms away. The closest rail head is located at Cuttack 60 kms away. The road distance from Bhubaneswar to Ansupa is 54 kms while Cuttack to Ansupa is about 45 kms.