Giant Squirrel Nature Camp

The campsite offers you a stay with Giant squirrel in the beautiful tree house which in itself is a unique experience. The tree house offers immediate view of the cutest creature dwelling in the same Ficus tree on which your tree house is resting on top. The squirrel can be spotted jumping, running and hopping from one branch to another. About 15-20 squirrels can be traced in a tree with tree house. Far for the hustle-bustle, the quitter surrounding, clean environment, the mesmerizing experience of staying at a height of 30 feet and the panorama of nature, the view of greenery at morning and dazzling stars from the window at night will surely going to rejuvenate you totally.

Approach: Their exist no bus stop in Ganjam, you can reach up to Berhampur by bus which is 36 kms away from Ganjam. From Berhampur hired vehicle shall lead you to the place in 1 hour. Ganjam has its own railway station while the nearest airport is situated in Bhubaneswar which is 166 kms away from the destination.