Khandadhar is located in Kendujhar district in Odisha is known for the lofty Khandadhar fall. As the waterfall cascades down the rock face is gives a smoky appearance. The sparkling water drops offers an eye catching sight which is further beautified by the rainbow formed at the base of the waterfall which appear to be waving as the water oscillates. The waterfall is palisade by mountains from three sides and rich flora and fauna resulting in lush green surroundings. This overall creates the stunning environment that mesmerizes the visitors completely quite popular among eco-tourist, students, and researchers.

The ‘Khandadhar nature camp’ is located near village Ladapani offers 4 well-appointed AC rooms, 638 steps with retaining wall from foot hill up to the waterfall. The eco-tourism site is blessed with admiring landscape, park with playing equipments for children, picnic platform under the shade of trees, decorative masonry beaches, solar powered street light, and facility of vehicle parking, security arrangement etc.

Connectivity: Nearest airport is at Bhubaneswar about 200 kms from Keonjhar. The nearest railway station is Raurkela 104 kms away. The driving distance between Raurkela railway station and Khandadhar waterfall is 89 kms. The waterfall is 60 kms from Keonjhar town. Bus service and hired vehicle is available from Bhubaneswar to Keonjhar.